Sunday, September 13, 2009


Facebook's Famville calculator

FarmValue is a simple calculator for Facebook's FARMVILLE:

It calculates the best crop for you to plant, by simply:

- Write down the number of hours or days of your next visit.
- It imeiatly tells you the best 3 crops for ou to plant.
- When you press the one you choose, it asks you for you plantation size (doesnt have to be accurate).
- It then calculates how much you are going to receive if you plant the hole field minus the plowing costs.

The data.txt helps for future updates, it uses this simple rule:
- Crops are separated by hours or days to harvest.
- The first value on the arrays is the name of the crop, then the market cost, then the sell price and finally the time it takes to grow.
- The maximum hours or days is only references for the +/- buttons.
- The maximum crops on the databse is also a factor
- And finally the cost it takes to plow, in case they ever change it.

Needs Flash 7 to run!

Link to online version:


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