Saturday, August 15, 2009

SpeakerPhone v1.06

Automatically turn on your speakerphone.

While the application is running, when an incoming call is received, the speakerphone of your device will automatically turn ON when you receive the call.
You can also automatically activate the speakerphone when you are making an outgoing call by checking the Outgoing ON in the menu.

Change Log v1.06
- fixed bugs (hope it works on other devices now)
- added taskbar icon (green phone icon)
- tap on the green icon on the task bar to show the notification bubble to be able to close the application

Change Log v1.05
- auto minimize on start
- No more today task bar icon
- *hopefully* fixed the on-hold situation on some phones

Change Log v1.04 (Tested on PPC)
- Application will automatically hide upon launch and will show an icon.

Change Log v1.03

- outgoing function is automatically on
- few bug fixes

Change Log v1.02

- USB only - option to turn on speakerphone ONLY when synced or charging

Change Log v1.01

- Auto answer on/off
- Delay options before auto answer

DOWNLOAD oldSAP SpeakerPhone v1.06 CAB

Download v1.05 Tested on PPC


Anonymous said...

Finally a speakerphone toggler that works!

Can you run it minimized? Can you run it with 'Outgoing ON' ticked on default? Are there any command line parameters available?

Anonymous said...

Cool application. Would like "Outgoing ON" to be ticked on default as well.

S said...

Hi All, thanks for this great app!!!!
I don't have the "Outgoin On" option available in the menu, any idea as to why?

Device: Htc P3600 Wm5

oldSAP said...

Hi there, with the new version, Outgoing Calls are automatically turned ON.

Anonymous said...

for everyone who wants to minimize the program....

just start the program > tap the 'start' logo > choose 'TODAY'

there you go.

thanks for the app!!!

have fun people...

oldSAP said...

Than you for the "minimize" tip :)

Robin said...

How do I turn off the speakerphone? I am using O2 MiniS.

Robin said...

How do I turn off the speaker phone? I am using O2 MiniS.

oldSAP said...

@Robin, just exit the application.

Sebastian said...

Please add the reg-values automatically, coulndt be hard to code, or?

AdemPozhari said...

could you please make a cab

Anonymous said...

it doesn't work in may HTC touch. When a .cab?. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

For a CAB file of the Speakerphone hack/app, goto

Anonymous said...

Here is the direct link to CAB on

oldSAP said...

try v1.05 cab file

Anonymous said...

installed on ASUS P750 @ WM6
seemes to work!

please change the instructions on outgoing calls (you wrote its automatic since version 1.03...)

Anonymous said...

I tried v1.05 on my HTC Touch Diamond but it doesn't work. Can you please make it work? This feature can be very useful when driving.

Anonymous said...

using on a TMO DASH. Puts on Mute also. Any way to fix?

Anonymous said... to make a smaller delay?Less then 5 second?Its possible change in registry?Thanks:-)

Anonymous said...


Speakerphone is not able to Auto-answer calls on HTC based calling screen wher the functionality of the left softkey is changed to silence.

There are two possible solutions:
1. Make Speakerphone click two times on left softkey (the first answers the call in silence mode and the second click turns silent off).

2.Enable choosing the green answer key instead of the left softkey.

The first approach can be quite simple as a change to HKCU\SOFTWARE\SpeakerPhone\Auto
to allow it a value of 2 and then do two clicks. One might also need to introduce some delay between clicks and if so this number might need to be changed via registry.

The second approach is cleaner but might take more time to program.

Please let me know what can be done in order to solve this issue.

Thanks, Ido

Anonymous said...

I have a htc p3600 and windows mobile 6.When i recive a phone call,the phone take the call but the external speaker not is active.i need some help,thanks

Anonymous said...

v1.05 on my HTC Touch Diamond but it doesn't work. Can you please make it work?

Anonymous said...

"No more today task bar icon"
Please change back!

Thx. Eten user

Babak said...

Not Work On omnia

Anonymous said...

does not work with the omnia i900.

after getting a call, the omnia says that the speaker is on but you can't heare anything unless you disable and reenable the speaker

Anonymous said...

V1.05 doesn't work with Vogue. Are there any plans for a revised version?

Đỗ Đỗ said...

i'm using 02 mini wm6.1 and Speakerphone v1.05 doesn't work! :( please help me! thanks all!

Đỗ Đỗ said...

i'm using o2 mini wm6.1 but speakerphone v1.05 doesnt work :( Please help me! Thanks all!

George said...

I have been looking for such tool! This is brilliant idea.

However it does not work on my HTC HD =(

oldSAP said...

hope v1.06 works

George said...

v1.06 is working on my HTC HD onkolog lite rom! thank you so much.

some feedback:
...but auto pick up not working.
Start menu shortcut to e app has no icon graphic.
it is a bit difficult to turn off e app if you accidentally dismiss e speakerphone notification

oldSAP said...

@George: auto answer is not working? what's working then?

George said...

speaker auto on is working, with auto pick up unticked.
it is gd enough for me now - when I pick up call while driving, it will be in speaker mode! just need to press one button to pick up e call.
thanks again.

-BK- said...

With version 1.06 do we still have to edit the registry first?

oldSAP said...

no need to edit the registry BK

-BK- said...

Will give it a try today... :-)

dms said...

Hi, are there any program for DX900 that route fring/skype sounds to earspeaker ?

JavierBBAR said...

I've an HTC S711 (similar to S710) with WM6 and .NET 3.5. The Speaker Phone 1.06 works fine, on screen or minimized. But if I press de "Hide" option, it reports the following error:
Unexpected error.
oldSAP SpeakerPhone.exe NotSupportedException
in Microsoft.AGL.Common.MISC.HandleAr()
in Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.Notification..ctor()
if oldSAP_SpeakerPhone.Form1.MenuItem1_Click()
in System.Windows.Forms.MenuItem.OnClick()
in System.Windows.Forms.MenuProcessMnuProc()
in System.Windows.Forms.FormWnProc()
in System.Windows.Forms.Control_InternalWnProc()
in Microsoft.AGL.Forms.EVL.EnterMainLoop()
in System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run()
in oldSAP_SpeakerPhone.Form1.Main()

That's a GNU/Linux's user report ;-)

Have you the sources? I like to try fix them.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to have it....

You want to download the following file: | 49 KB

This file can only be downloaded by becoming a Premium member

There are no more download slots available for free users right now. If you don't want to become a premium member, you might want to try again later.

Anonymous said...

1.06 does not work on the HCT Touch HD. ROM 6.5, Topaz dialer. Please help.

Anonymous said...

I tried v1.05 and v1.o6 on my HTC Touch Cruise (Windows Mobile 6.1) but it doesn't work. Help me please!

Rodrigo said...


Tried on my Samsung Jack (v1.06) it works, however when clicking hide button it crashes. I have to press home icon, but it would be cool to have it perfectly working

jack said...

my pdaphone can not working!
my pdaphone model- toshiba tg01
my pdaphone os-wm6.5
Can you tell me how to solve the problem. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good application. Thanks for your effort. Could you please trigger the function in advance while I am waiting the other side to answer in outgoing mode? Function is not triggered in V1.06 until the other side answer. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

How to setting dual sim mobile (DX900) that if i talk phone1 not "ring" phone2 under talk , send automatic busy for incoming call...?
-sorry bad English-
thank you

Claudio DiSouza said...

Does not work with Omniapro Samsung GT-B7320L... :(

Rinkesh said...

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SDreamer said...

Great program! Works well on my HTC Touch Pro (Fuze). Hoping a minor update with a meaningful icon comes around so it's more aesthetic to the system :)

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andy g. said...

Yes it works well on iPhones and BBs too.

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What do you mean with auto answer on/off? Is it going to anwer the call even if without pressing any key? I'm a bit confused.

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Thanks for the link. I downloaded. Its working

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cfjpem said...

I downloaded into my windows 8.1 mobile and I am not able to launch this file and I get a message "could not open the file, this could be because the file extension is not trusted, such as with a .dll or .exe file"
How should I proceed? Thanks in advanced.