Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Alexju SMS Chat

Alexju SMS Chat is a simple chat application, for Windows Mobile based devices, that allows you to communicate with people the easy way.

But that's not all! This SMS Chat allows you to send simple commands. With these commands you can control your buddy's Windows Mobile based Smartphone of Pocket PC.

Example: You are chatting with your buddy and you have something important to say, but unluckly you don't have money to call, so you can send 'call'-command that will execute on your buddy's mobile and call you.

Current features
- Chatting with your friends in ease
- Customizable chat-window
- Simple GUI
- Extra commands!
- Now with multi-threading! Much faster!

Planned features
I'm currently developing V1.2 of this program. These features are currently on the list:

- Save chat-log (to HTML)
- One extra command
- Multiple person support
- Landscape-mode support

Alexju SMS Chat

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