Tuesday, June 16, 2009


G-Trigger is a G-Sensor based ^shake^ detector application for Windows Mobile.

It allows to trigger a predefined action on shaking your mobile phone in particular direction. Currently it is in very rough development phase, so please bare the bugs.

Supported shaking directions:

Left to right
Right to left
Top to bottom
Bottom to top
Front & Back
Front to back
Back to front
It will trigger the specified action when phone is forcibly moved from left to right or moved as above mentioned directions.

Customized actions
Conditional actions
Suspend exceptions
Disable action exceptions
Run service on device start-up
Individual threshold settings for all three directions; Horizontal, Vertical & Front-Back
Action feedback vibration settings
Action feedback play sound settings
Different actions for different applications
Settings for On Screen Display of triggered actions
AppToDate support (What is AppToDate?) (Download)
Supported actions:
Close/Minimize active window
Dial a number
Answer/Reject incoming call
Launch Program
Ringer Loud/Vibrate/Silent
Screen orientation
Send Keys*
Task Switch
Screen On/Off/Toggle
Media Control# (Play/Pause/Next/Previous/Volume)
WiFi/Bluetooth/Phone Radio - On/Off/Toggle
Volume Control
Simulate Power Button - Power On/Power Off/Long Press Power Button
Open control panel settings
Activate profile
*Please refer to readme.txt for sending special keys.

#Currently supported media players are

Windows Media Player
Microfi Nitrogen
Core Player
Pocket Player
Pocket Music
Manila (TF3D) Music Tab


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