Sunday, June 21, 2009


Control your Power Button

Babel Fish Translation:
Program for control of the button Of power. Device passes into the regime Of unattended with the pushing of the knob vkl/of off, in this case you have to be disconnected the sound, GPS, wifi and other
Is possible to dispose this regime everything in you will be so that switched off (blocking) or it is switch oned (with the pressure KNP. Power device will not be turned off).
Not to experienced users which are not investigated that to what it is not worthwhile to change the list of devices.

System requirements:
WM5/WM6 and cf .net 3.5
It did not experience to 2003.

As the program acts:
In the program are located the buttons “Unattended On” and “Unattended Of off” by them is included this regime, so in the list it is possible to establish to different devices nourishment from 0 to 4.
With the start of the regime Of unattended the button Of power comes into action on other, KPK it does not depart to the regime of the sleep completely, only those devices which you were appointed it.
If that first went not then that the regime Of unattended to open [perezagruziv] KPK.

As to work with the program:
Let us make so that during hearing of music to the button Of power it would be disconnected display, and music continued to play.
We include program, before the change I recommend to preserve initial tuning,
in the list such installations
Default = D0
upt1: = D1
bkl1: = D4
wav1: = D4
and so upt1: I do not know that similar I will leave as is, this bkl1 screen it exactly stands in the regime Of power Of off I leave as is, now this wav1 sound it is also switched off, here there are two versions, either it is simple to move away or to change it.
There is another Default this parameter it answers for all other devices of which no in the list, in me they all are included on.
But if in you it does not cost Defult = D0 that we change wav1 for this we select it we press Edit further into Power of state let us select D0 and [ok].
I simply removed him.
So that the tuning would enter the force we press Replace of registry, t [k] for the regime Of unattended of tuning they are stored in the list program simply it substitutes list, and if you preserved the initial installations nothing terrible not to happen, but some programs which use this regime they can correctly not work.
Now let us press Unattended On in this case it will be included regime, and we can shut program.


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