Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Contact Cleaner

Contact Cleaner is a program for your Windows Mobile 5.0+ phone that helps you remove duplicate and redundant contacts.

Ever get a new phone, sync it to your existing Exchange account, and end up with hundreds of duplicate contacts? Accidentally create a duplicate contact but with different information, and then need to figure out which one to keep and which one to delete? This program is for you!

How it works

Contact Cleaner works like this:
1) Scan the Contacts database, looking for duplicate contacts.
2) Exact duplicates are deleted.
3) Near-duplicates are displayed for manual merging/removal.
4) You go through the sets of near-duplicates, where you can see all the values which are different, and choose to keep, delete, or merge Contacts.

Contacts with the same "FileAs" property are compared against each other, except for the ItemId and Picture properties.

Contact Cleaner

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