Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tile Fall

Tile Fall is a fun, simple, and very addictive game, in which you attempt to remove a number of coloured tiles from a grid.

Tiles can be removed providing that are touching another tile the same colour on at least one edge. Removing small groups of tiles (2 or 3 together) provide very small scores, but by removing other tiles, it is possible to get very large groups of tiles of a single colour. Removing these large groups results in drastically higher scores.

As tiles are removed, the surrounding tiles fall down to fill the spaces left. The game continues until no groups of 2 or more tiles are available.

Tile Fall is of course very similar to a number of other games available for Windows Mobile, including Bubble Breaker, which is included as part of the operating system with later versions of Windows Mobile. I wrote it however for two reasons:

...to learn how to write games for the Windows Mobile platform.
...as personally I think it is a more attractive, structured and enjoyable game than Bubble Breaker.

Tile Fall

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