Thursday, June 25, 2009


Use Bing Maps on your phone (formerly Live Search or Live Maps). Get directions, find your location, search for food, find movies nearby, get the cheapest gas prices, view your weather, stay up to date on traffic, and more! Oh, and it has voice recognition! And Birds Eye view!

View maps in Road, Aerial, or Birds Eye view
Get directions to and from locations
Identify your location automatically via your cell phone signal (approximate location)
Voice Recognition - Just click "Speak" and say what you're looking for!
Find great resturaunts and more by using "Categories"
View up to date traffic
Find the latest movies in your area, and view theaters they are playing in
Get the cheapest and closest gas prices
View web "Collections", like, BBC World News, and, Homes for Sale
Type in some keywords, and then click "Web" to search the web (via Internet Explorer)
See if it's going to be raining this weekend with Weather
Quickly SMS a resturaunt's info to a friend
And much more! Try it yourself!


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