Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The first application to offer free GPS navigation on your mobile phone

amAze is a first of its kind free navigation and local search service. It is free to download and use and it contains wide coverage of maps including aerial photo in Europe, North America, Australia and parts of Asia and Africa.

amAze turns your regular Java-enabled mobile phone into a powerful navigation tool as well as comprehensive information tool.
With amAze you get all these options and more:

Visual and voice guidance to any destination
Search or define any location by its address
Search and navigate to businesses listed in local search directories (where available)
Present any required location on the map
View and use dynamic high quality maps at various scales
View and navigate over high resolution satellite images
Calculate the fastest way between two locations
Save and manage personal favorites list
amAze enables to calculate the route of a journey to any address or point of interest. a GPS will indicate your location along the route with vocal and graphical guidance to your destination in the shortest possible way. amAze is a collaborative effort led by LocatioNet Systems Ltd., together with some leading vendors in the fields of mapping, local search directories and other geographically related content.



[deXter] said...

Does it work in New Zealand?

oldSAP said...

i think so.

Anonymous said...

WeTravel is better (no gprs required)