Thursday, July 23, 2009

List As Editor

List As editor patches a simple little flaw in the 'Contacts' application on Windows Mobile.

The contact management software only gives you two choices for how to file a contact, "Firstname Lastname" or "Lastname, Firstname." However, there are times when this isn't desired. For example, if you list your mother with her proper contact details (including first name and last name), you may want her to show up on your contacts list as "Mom" instead of "Judy Jane." In the past, there has been no way to accomplish this, short of setting the First Name to the desired listing name, and leaving last name blank. Now, you can use List As editor to list your contacts precisely how you want!

Install the program (download links below). Launch the program by going to Start->Programs, BAFTools, List As Editor. Then select the contact you want to edit the list as value for and click edit. Edit the value and click save. It's as simple as that!

List As Editor

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