Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Custom Scroll

HTCScroll customizer

I would like to present You a small and simple application called Custom Scroll. It gives You a chance to take the opportunity customizing scrolling behavior of HTCScroll Windows addon (which is used in File Explorer, MS Contacts, Programs, Settings... - everywhere where scrolls are used - and we are using fingers (flick gestures) to scroll...

I've noticed that when I'm trying new ROM many times "scrolling feature" need to be modified by myself, so why don't we just make it quick and simple, with predefined checked and accepted values - even maybe "solutions" ?
that's why I've made that application...
- cichy3000

dr G from discovered that:

Pagelow = Low speed scroll page size
Pagehigh = High speed scroll page size
Speedlow = Low speed scroll speed (ms delay)
Speedhigh = High speed scroll speed (ms delay)
Pantype = Enable/disable grab scrolling default 1, 0=disable

The page size is the number of - units - the given interface scrolls when the low or high speed scroll is activated by gesturing - finger flick. For example a pagelow of 20 would scroll 20 contacts each time you flick scroll in the contact list. This is why with the default 50 and 80 settings, flick scrolling causes excessive scrolling in contacts with the device initially.

The low speed scroll is activated by the initial flick gesture. The high speed scroll is activated by an ADDITIONAL flick gesture DURING the scroll initiated by the low speed scroll gesture. So it's kind of like "revving up" the scroll.

The speedlow and speedhigh delays are the delays between the "units" scrolled during either scroll. As such, the speedlow number is higher than the speedhigh number. Thing is, if you set the speedlow number too small, the low speed scroll will finish so quickly, you will not be able to initiate the high speed scroll with an additional gesture.

Custom Scroll

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