Saturday, July 25, 2009


TrineFix is a free utillity for contacts, appointments and tasks on yourWindows Phone (and if you sync with a PC or ExchangeServer, also on your PC).

Main features:
Remove "close match "duplicate contacts (and You decide what fields must be similar to define it as a "duplicate")
Option to automatically remove any "exact match" duplicates (if their identical, you only need one, right!?:-)
Set FileAs for contacts ("Firstname Lastname", or "Lastname, Firstname", and so forth)
Add a default CountryCode-prefixes for phonenumbers that do not have a countrycode
Change the countrycode-formatting ("001", "+1", so forth) for all phonenumbers
Remove duplicate appointments
Bulk remove several appointments, contacts or task with a searchword
Preview fixes before applying, and you can even manually adjust the fixes before applying in most cases
Fingerfriendly user interface (if you have a touchscreen)
Keyboardfriendly user interface (is you have a keypad)
Adjusts itself automatically to different types of devices (touchscreen/non-touchscreen) and screentypes (QVGA, VGA, WVGA, square screens, ...).
Built in functionality that notifies you about new releases of TrineFix, and makes it possible to upgrade easily directly from your phone
Share with friends (send SMS with download links to a friend)


This program should work with all Windows Mobile devices, that has WM2003 or later (has been tested on Smartphones, Professional Edition, QVGA, VGA, WVGA, 320x320). The program requires that "Microsoft .Net 3.5", is installed on the device.


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