Friday, July 17, 2009

Mobile Panel

Never miss a call, appointment or SMS

Just connect your Windows Mobile to the computer and you will have missed calls, incoming calls, new SMS and reminders at your desktop. When the Mobile Panel is collapsed it's very small and can be placed anywhere on the screen. When someone is calling or there is a new SMS it pop-ups. There is a number of settings like "Always on top", Transparency, sound etc.


Handle your unread SMS from the desktop. Just click at the mail icon and the panel is expanded with the message text and contact information. If you like you can send a reply or delete the SMS.

Incoming Calls

When someone is calling you the Mobile Panel pops-up and expands. You can immediately answer or reject the call.

Missed Calls

When you're missing a call the Mobile Panel pop-ups. Just click at the phone icon to view the list of calls. If you like you can call the contact just by clicking the call button.


When your phone is connected to Mobile Panel you will have the reminders at the desktop instead of your mobile phone. You will always see the next appointment.

Mobile Panel

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