Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dr SigStat

application that will show the phone's statistics e.g. battery level, signal strength, and more.

* Better Organization of data
* Option Menu Refresh Value Is set to 1 second now
* Added Quit Option
* Removed Update Now button
* Fixed EST Pwr Remaining Level value when not 100% battery.

* Since EST didn't work in the api, I'm calculating it off of current draw and battery life remaining (see options area to set battery mAh)
* Temperature displays correctly now + Fahrenheit
* Voltage is now correctly displayed
* "Charging..." text position fixed for certain instances

* update interval option (under options)
* Bigger Progress bars and fonts for signal
* More accurate Battery % level
* EST added (doesn't seem to work on the touch pro)
* Temperature C added (this also doesn't seem to work, or I need to figure out the number to divide by)
* Current drain in mA added
* Voltage Level in mV
* Tells you when the battery is charging
* Bigger Update Now Button

Dr SigStat

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