Saturday, July 25, 2009


This is an application for Windows Mobile phones that will allow you to synchronise the pictures of the contacts in your phone with profile pictures of your friends on Facebook.

Now you can sync birthdays and names too.

Because phone book contacts may not match with peoples real names on Facebook you first match the contacts. This matching is then stored for future synchronising.

BookSync requires the .net compact framework 3.5 this will need installing first.

Load the application and log into FB, BookSync will then get your FB contacts and your phone contacts. You will then be presented with 2 lists. Click on a mobile contact and select the appropriate FB contact. A star will be shown indicating that the contact is matched. Repeat this for all contacts.

Hit Sync. BookSync will then download the users profile pictures and set them as your phone contact pictures.

Thats it... simple. If people have updated their profile pictures, launch BookSync all the matching will have persisted from the last time so just hit sync and you are up to date.


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