Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Silent Spy

Silent Spy is a freeware for Windows Mobile that helps people finding their lost or stolen phones.

How it works

Silent Spy monitors your phone SIM card, authenticating it with a registered one. If this authentication fails, a sms message is sent to an alert number, informing that a new SIM card has been inserted in your phone.

An example of usage:

You, as the owner of your phone, register your SIM card as the only valid one. You decide that a friend or a relative should receive a message in case that your phone has been lost or stolen. That is your alert number! One day, you lose your phone device. You try to call your own number and you realize that your SIM is not active anymore. That's probably because someone swapped the SIM card. At the same moment, after inserting a new SIM card, the software sends out an sms to your registered alert number. The software will repeat the same procedure whenever Windows starts up. Silent Spy works all in the background, therefore the user doesn't receive any alerts or messages of what is going on. Since you have the new number which is using your device, it's up you to contact him/her and try to get it back.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does it detects that my SIM card was changed?

There are two execs within this same CAB. The first one Silent Spy.exe is responsible for setting up your information and preferences. The other one SilentSpyGuard.exe is the one which runs in every windows start to check your identity.Therefore you don't need to execute this file

2. Does it keep always running on the background?

Because the chances that you are going to be stolen or that you are going to lose your phone are very small and that you probably may never need it, from the performance point of view, would be kind of expensive to have something always running on the background. This application was designed to be extremely lightweight and to do one simple job: "Check the sim card and send a sms to an emergency number in case that your sim card doesn't match the inserted one". After doing that on start up, the program automaticaly shutdown, therefore not consuming any memory resources.

3. How can i change the SIM Card without raising an alert?

If you wish to change your SIM Card without raising an alert , you have to uncheck the "Send Alert" checkbox, save the modifications, and restart with another SIM card.

4. How can i register a SIM Card.

When you log in for the first time, the system will detect your SIM Card number, and will ask you to store it. If after you want to change the stored SIM card number, you have to access the same area with the new SIM card. After the login process, the system will ask if you want to store the new detected number.

Silent Spy

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