Friday, July 03, 2009


the ultimate SMS spammer & fake call bomber

In the first text box you can write a victim (or victim's) number (separated by a semicolon, but when you add a numer from More -> Add contact, or by pressing OK on the number text box, the semicolon is added automatically). The 'repeat:' change to a number of attempts of the destination mode. Then choose 'call time' - it's the time from the number dial to call hangup (but it's not necessary when you're using SMS), then choose 'break time' - it's a break between a call hang up (or when SMS is send) to next attempt.

When you use call bombing it's very possible then someone can answer it before the program automatically hangs it up. So Wrukwiacz is designed to instant hang up the call when the victim answers it But the overall time for the call is 1-2sec and that costs to, so remember that.

More -> Mode, there you can choose if all attempts will be done for one victim and then to another from the list, or alternately for every one victim. Just try it to know how it works.

While using SMS bombing, you can save them to the registry and later open them.

Wruwiacz was tested on WM6.0, 6.1 and 6.5 on Standard and Professional versions.


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