Saturday, July 11, 2009

e-Natives Showcase v1.0.0 [07-10-09]

Finger Friendly Task Switcher + X Button Enhancement

Showcase X Enhancement:

Showcase X Enhancement is e-Natives Showcase Addon that change the native Windows Mobile's X button behavior into the useful and FingerFriendly Task Tool... [ ups... I don't know what is the best words for this addon ].

In the fact this Addon is standalone proccess which run in background and only eat 1kb memory

Change Log:
- Add Showcase Settings/Configuration
- Tweak Showcase Task Switcher for faster start.
- Add Home Icon
- Minimalizing memory usage ;)
- Removing unused resources in Showcase.exe and Showcase_X.exe
- Add smaller icon for Showcase_X, now even smaller exe size
- Stable Testing, and fixing possibility memory leaks...

- Add Showcase X Enhancement into Package
- Showcase X Enhancement run on startup, [ to disable it, delete the ShowcaseXLauncher.lnk file on \Windows\StartUp ]
- Add change HTC TaskManager Registry to disable it.

- Add support resolution for WQVGA/WQVGA Landscape and QVGA SQUARE.

- Add support resolution for WVGA/WVGA Landscape/QVGA/QVGA Landscape
- Skin File now in external file
- Add Icons
- Now as CAB, you just Install it and enjoy it.

- Add Used Memory/RAM percentage - tap it will take you into system memory info just like HTC Task Manager
- Remove Switch Button. Now you only need to select the list
- Add pushed close button
- Compress PNG files into 8 bit - Look at previous file size with this new one
- Add support for VGA Landscape (WVGA Cooming soon)

e-Natives Showcase

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