Monday, October 05, 2009

Connection State Checker

I ve developed a little program to solve a problem I ve many years ago. I use direct push so I need a permanent connection. This is achieved using activesync (direct push) or setting a connection as always on. - danielherrero

Many times a connecion is stablished minutes or hours ago. But it doesnt work correctly. I dont know if the problem is in phone operator system, or in the device or some roms. Simply the connection is corrupted. If you try to suf a web it doesnt work. Clicking "sync" in activesync keeps rolling for ever. So I ve to close the connection manually (hang button long press) and stablishing a connection again. And then all works again
1)A program that tries to reach a server ( each x minutes. If there is an active connection but cant reach it then kill the connection and stablish it again. The program doesnt download the page content. Simply reach the server so very little data usage (a few bytes each time)
2) very little, no cpu consuming and no resident. Windows should run it each x minutes. Do its job in a few milliseconds and exit.
3) perform its job even if the device is suspended..
4) So I wrote my little program. It works correctly.
5) If the phone is in fly mode then it skip its job
Just install. No need to run it manually. It installs too a little GUI program (ConnectionStateCheckerGUI) to see some statistics (stored in the registry) like number of checks, corrupt connections, last check, etc. You can set the timeout (10 minutes) and server ( in the registry.

My job needs a 100% safe real time mailing working. This little program guarantees it and maybe there are other people in my situation.


Connection State Checker

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