Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spin The Arrow

Sometimes, we play games to have more fun while we drink with friends. One of the games is "Spinning the Bottle." In this game, we use arrow intead of the bottle. Now, let's turn those boring drinking times into fun times. Please know your limit and drink within it.

Click the START button to spin the arrow or the bottle.
You can also spin them by dragging the screen or pushing the enter or OK button on your device.

To click the character's image counts the quantity of shots each player have drank. Make a horizontal movement with your finger to reset the counting on the specific character.

You can change the character's image in IMAGE mode. You can simply take pictures of the players with your own camera in your device. It might be slow when the images need to be redraw. So take small size picture.

Spin The Arrow

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