Thursday, October 22, 2009


Nitrogen Titanium Plugin

What you get with this plugin?

- Running and exiting minimalized Nitrogen from 1 Page
- Maximalizing Nitrogen by presing out of control buttons
- Functions Play/Pause, Next/Prev song
- Displaying Album Art, Artist, Title and Song Time


1. Download cab file and run it
2. Open Start Menu - directory CPlayer and run Install_Plugin.mscr
3. In installation proces you can chose Language, Skin and Nitrogen location
4. Enjoy

Making own language file

make copy of file CPlayer_en.ini and rename it e.q. to CPlayer_de.ini
rename [en] e.q. to [de] in file and translate worlds in file:
artist=not running
title=click for playing
Copy new file to CPlayer directory and run CPlayerLang.mscr from Start Menu


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