Saturday, October 24, 2009


Another Launcher? No - not like the Launcher, which are already available


- Keyboard direct in Titanium Panel
- Full animated switching between Keyboard and Results (it should look cool)
- Designed to launch quickly each program in Start Menu with direct accessable different input methods
- Installed by TICS_installer: So it will work in ALL THEMES not only Standard Titanium, also Blizz,Josito,... (if you want to make a special .plg for the keyboard in your favorite Theme, just give it to me, I will integrate it)
- ALL ROM-Languages - no dependencies to a country or WWE-ROM - it knows, where your Start Menu is to find
- Different type modes (left side of keyboard):
-- I = one letter will start search for all Programs in Startmenu with this abecedarian letter
-- II = one letter needs tab on "GO", after two letters automatic search
-- III = type the word as long you want - only "GO" initiates search
- Wildcard-Search - e.g. "*oo" in Mode III would find "Groovefish" as well as "Bluetooth Explorer"
- Launches programs/chooses letter after tab on plugin - possible because of AreaButtons of JMLPanex
- To erase last letter just click backward button in the bottom-right corner under "GO"
- to erase all input just click on current mode on left side
- ...little bit more- just find it out


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