Saturday, October 03, 2009


The tweaking tool for Windows Mobile

enable the setting page
tty ---------------> Show or hide TTY page in phone settings
wireless --------------->Enables or disables OBEX to receive files.
pin2 ---------------> Show or hide pin2 page in phone settings
edge ---------------> Show EDGE icon on title bar when an EDGE connection is active
6.1 sms --------------->Enables or disables threaded SMS (Windows Mobile 6.1 only)
hsdpa ---------------> Show HSDPA icon on title bar when an HSDPA connection is active
show ex_rom --------------->show or hide ex_rom
automatic time --------------->Boot Time Automatic Updates
send tips --------------->Enable or disable the SMS sent notification
send a receipt ---------------> Enable or disable the SMS delivery notification.
release of res --------------->release of resources,when the phone idle
power manage --------------->Enable or disable power managment for AsyncMac1/Irsir1/PPTP1/L2TP1 communication protocol. Power managment reduces power consumption when AsyncMac1 is not used.
auto-lock devic --------------->Enables or disables automatic lock when screen is turned off
time zone --------------->Shows or hides Time Zone page in Phone settings
unicode sms --------------->Use Unicode encoding when message contains characters that can only be expressed with Unicode, if Unicode support is disabled such characters are lost.
sim contacts --------------->Show or hide the contacts stored on SIM card in contacts list

mask setting page
stk service --------------->stk service
usb charge --------------->Enables or disables battery charging when device is connected via USB
channel page --------------->Shows or hides Band page in Phone settings
dynamic menu --------------->Enable or disable menu animations. Disabling animations improves system performance
dynamic windows --------------->Enables or disables window animations. Disabling animations improves system performance
coverage --------------->Do not prompt coverage
obex wireless --------------->Enables or disables OBEX to receive files. Disabling OBEX saves power consumption
any key answer --------------->Specifies whether any key can be used to answer an incoming call
wireless icon --------------->Shows or hides Wireless Manager icon on tray bar
battery icon --------------->Shows or hides Power icon on tray bar
warn --------------->Enable or disable the security warning before opening a program that is not digitally signed

adjust setting oage
file cache --------------->Define the size of file system cache
filter cache --------------->Define the size of file system filter cache
graphics cache --------------->Define the size limit for character glyphs
keyboard backlight --------------->Change the time the keyboard backlight remains on after the last key press
keyboard --------------->Change keyboard layout
audio --------------->SBC sample rate to use
bass --------------->Defines bass level
treble --------------->Defines treble level
3d --------------->Defines 3D sound level
bit --------------->Configure the SBC bitpool settings. A lower bitpool value improves system performance, a higher value improves audio quality


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