Tuesday, October 27, 2009


new M2D editor

To use:
Backup your system first, just in case.
Install Flash 7, if you dont have it already.
Install Mortscript, if you dont have it already.
Install the attached CAB.
Run my app.
Click to enable/disable tabs, drag to reorder them.
Red text means the tab is disabled, note that some tabs NEED to be disabled for M2D to run!
The listing is strange, as is in 2 columns, Ill have to find a better way of reordering the tabs in the future (any ideas?).
Save your settings.
Wait a couple of seconds, M2D will restart itself.

The arrow is NOT pointing to cancel, it just means the list on the right continues from there.
It does not use or read any of your previously changed xml data, for now it always starts from the default.
It creates a backup in \Windows\M2Dr\backup of the last XML changed, just in case you need it back.
You can install the app anywhere, but it always creates some temp files in \Windows\M2Dr that take about 200kb in the device (backup included).
Some tabs NEED to be disabled for M2D to run!
If the app is stuck in a screen reading "If you can read this you need flash 7", guess what, you only have flash lite. ;P
No widescreen version, my SWF to EXE doesnt support it, sorry.


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