Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Healthtracker V1 is a Windows Mobile application for keeping track of your daily diet.

Set weight goal
Track daily caloric intake
Track daily intake against US RDA recommended values (based on Age and Gender) for:
- Total Fat (g)
- Sat Fat (g)
- Trans Fat (g)
- Cholesterol (mg)
- Sodium (mg)
- Sugar (g)
- Carbs (g)
- Fiber (g)
- Protein (g)
Favorites - Quick shortcut to your favorite food items. The more you eat of a certain type of food, the higher it shows up in the list.
Database of over 7000 foods
Ability to add custom foods.

Upcoming Releases will include:
Tracking exercise
Syncing your data with Microsoft Healthvault
Community sharing on custom foods entered by you and other HealthTracker users.


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Anonymous said...

pretty cool app. Thanks for posting about it. Works well and easy to use. Definitely recommend for anyone wanting to track calories, fat, etc.