Monday, October 12, 2009


GPS and sensor analysis tools by Åke Wallebom

Analyze a run on a race track. When did I brake? What entry speed did I have in the chicane? How fast did I go on the straight? etc.

Supported formats

NMEA - The standard GPS data format
OakLog - OakGPS's own format for logging (used by e.g. OakLogMobile)
DriftBox .dbn - Format used by DriftBox by Racelogic

Quick Start

Adding an Entity in the Input Manager
Add an Input to the new Entity and wait while the file is loaded
Open a Scene View and Transport View
Click on 3D in the Scene View
Scene View

Click right mouse button and move to move the camera over the earth's surface
Use scroll-wheel to zoom in/out
Hold middle mouse button and move left/right to rotate (2D and 3D view)
Hold middle mouse button and move up/down to tilt view (3D view only)
Click the arrow-icon to reset the orientation if you get disoriented
Change the speed (default 200) or acceleration (default 10) to get better coloring of logs with slower cars

Show's UTC time of current position
Drag slider left right to change position in time
Click Play to start replay of logged data
The value beside the play button is the time-factor: 0.5 means half-speed and 2.0 means 2x speed. Change the value to anything from 0 and up, and press Stop and Play to change the speed.
State Viewer

Show's state for each Entity


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