Friday, June 23, 2006


PocketXpdf is a no-frills viewer for native PDF files for the Pocket PC platform. The rendering engine is a port of Xpdf.
The program is currently in an early development stage. PocketXpdf has been tested on an ASUS MyPal running Windows Mobile 2003 and on a Dell Axim X51v running Windows Mobile 5. It has not been tested on earlier versions, so it cannot be guaranteed that it will work on these systems. The Screenshots on this page are taken from the Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5 emulators provided with Visual Studio.

Known bugs and limitations
* Zooming in too far will make the program run out of memory and cancel the zooming.
* Some PDF files may crash the program. Please report!
* No support for non-western character encodings.
* No support for PocketPC 2002 or older Smartphone editions.


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