Saturday, June 24, 2006

Teksoft Speakerphone - FREEWARE POCKETPC

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Teksoft Speakerphone is a simple application for the 2003 devices.
All that this application does is to allow you to easily activate the speakerphone while in a phone call. For this we have added a couple of triggers:
- From the Programs shortcuts
- By pressing the Button 1 (the calendar button on a HTC blue angel)
- By tapping on the titlebar icon, and choosing the last option ("toggle-speakerphone") from the popup
- By pressing one of the standard phone's cprog buttons that is now called "Speaker"

Yes, we can control the way other applications are functioning. We can shape and transform their interfaces if needed. We have injected our own code inside the cprog application (the phone application) on runtime, so we could change its interface and provide the missing functions (the speakerphone). We can also use the empty button (as in one of the snapshots below) but that button is used during the call (the Hold button) and it might be needed. Any suggestions might help for an improved next version.

The popup offers 4 options:
- no-action: this is the default state, there are no automatic tasks to be performed
- auto-answer: this would automatically pickup your calls
- auto-reject: similar to the previous, but it will automatically reject the incomming calls
- toggle-speakerphone: this option enables or disables the speakerphone during a call

Note: killing the cprog.exe process might be dangerous because of the code injection that Teksoft Speakerphone has created on runtime. It could lock your device, and a reset might be needed. So try not to kill cprog.exe while Teksoft Speakerphone is installed, if possible.

As this application is freeware, we will do our best to support it but we cant allocate all our resources to it. As you can see this is a very simple application, and it might contain bugs (we didnt allocate much resources on testing either). Still, based on user feedback we might improve it in a future version.
This version works on WM2003 only. It was mostly tested on a HTC Blue Angel.


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