Tuesday, June 13, 2006

SysColor Changer - FREEWARE PPC

SysColor Changer is a Pocket PC application to change the system colors, e.g. system text color...
As this application is still under testing and development, I would love to gather suggestions from the users. You can drop me a message via Vicott Wong.

Usage Notes
1. Select a component from the dropdown list that you wish to change.
2. Tap on the color box to select a color for the component.
3. Tap on the "Apply" after selecting the colors for all the components.
4. Exit and Soft Reset to activate the changes.
5. You can also use the "Reset" button if you wish to restore the system default colors.
6. Export allows you to save the current color scheme if you like it.
7. Import allows you to use a color scheme from a file that has been saved previously.

Other Notes
* Some color components may not work properly. Hence, I would require help to identify the components which do not work so that I can remove the tweak.
* If all the tweaks do not work at all, please let me know which OS your Pocket PC is operating in.


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