Monday, June 12, 2006

Reensoft Outliner - FREEWARE PPC

It is the real Outliner.

Organize your thought, your information with ReenSoft Outliner... You can use it as text outliner, task manager, shopping list, or even simple project planner. You can use it as whatever you can imagine.

Feature List

* In-place editing - You can edit without any dialog box. It does not disrupt your thought with dialog box while editing.
* Fully customizable columns - You can make any column as you want. It has column types like string, category, number, date, flag, progress, priority.
* Automatic calculation - Change of any column make changes of its parent or child columns automatically as you set. It can calculate the checkbox, number, date, flag, progress automatically.
* Powerful undo/redo - You can undo/redo upto 5 levels. Undo/Redo menu item text will show you what you can undo/redo now.
* Intelligent drag and drop - You can drag and drop any item to any position.
* Easy navigation - You can expand/collpase any item to show/hide sub items.
* Find/Replace - You can find or replace any text in your document.

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