Wednesday, June 21, 2006

TodayWarrior - FREEWARE PPC

This is a plug-in for the Today screen that allows us to do the most habitual tasks when we are working with WIFI.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT: This line can be selected from Options panel

- Access to the Power panel of control panel
- Current power percentage of the battery
- Current elapsed time from the last full charge of the battery. It can also show that we are charging or operating with external power.
- Tapping this field we can select to reset Elapsed time. Useful on battery change.
- Remaining Time with the current consumption rate: An estimate of how long the PocketPC will last at the current discharge rate. It can indicate also, the remaining time to reach 100 % of charge or that the battery is fully charged.
Tapping cyclically Remaining time field the display change to Battery Volts, current (mA), power consumption (mW) and battery Temperature in ºC and ºF. This data is only available in some PPCs :

- Power off button.
- Reset Button: Will display a message for confirmation.
- Icon Always ON: Touching this icon changes it to a green color. In this state the PPC will not turn off although we have it set in the energy options. Useful when scanning networks or downloading files. It is deactivated manually or automatically on having charged the battery or if the remaining battery level is lower than 25 %.
- Icon Memory: It starts memory control panel.
- Icon Today: It starts today element control panel.
- Backlight slider: it allows us to change the screen brightness when we are using the PPC with batteries. Turning the backlight off is prevented. The maximum value is user-selectable from options panel
In the options panel there is an option to Turn Off the PDA when the battery lever goes down to 4% in order to protect the battery from running down.

WIFI MANAGEMENT : This line can be selected from Options panel

- Icon of WIFI Card ON/OFF:
- Grayed: without card or not recognized by TodayWarrior.
- Red: OFF and in green ON .
- Blue: For NDIS cards..
- Optionally can be deactivated for PocketPCs with their own mechanism to do so. If deactivated on Dell X50, the icon calls the internal On/Off utility.
- Shows current connection speed of WIFI card when connected. While disconnected, but card on, it shows negotiation speed of the card. The type of letter is Bold and there are no selection arrows. Works with PRISM and NDIS cards
- Connection speed selector: it can be selected between 1Mb/s, 2Mb/s, Car 1-2Mb/s, 5.5Mb/s, 11Mb/s, Full AutoMb/s. To enter in, tap on the current speed of the card. To go out tap again. The type of letter changes to normal and the selecting arrows appears. If we change the speed, on having gone out, the new speed will be applied and the radio will go off momentarily, which can cause a few seconds of disconnection of the LAN. Works on all Prism cards and some NDIS ones. NEW
- Icon of Activate/ deactivate the Network Scanner.
- When green it scans every two seconds.
- When red, it store the latest scanned networks.
- When yellow, the card is associated to an AP.
- Information about available networks:
- In scan mode shows SSID, Rx level with a color bar and digits, radio channel used and if WEP security is enabled (W) or is Open (O). If several networks were received, two arrows appear in order to change the network displayed (rotational). Normally the most powerful network is selected.
- In stand-by mode, if the NIC is associated to an AP, shows the information.
- Extended information of the connected network and Internet access testing. It is necesary to have WifiKnife. installed.
- Automatic association with available networks and internet access test. It is necesary to have WifiKnife. installed.
- TodayWarrior plays a sound when a new network is found and maintains the lost networks for 30 seconds after they disappear.
- AvantGo sync panel access icon.
- Access Icon to WZC (Wireless zero configuration) to connect to the available networks. Holding this Icon we can activate/deactivate WZC. It will be necessary to do a soft reset.
- Red: WZC deactivated
- Green: WZC activated.

- It is selectable to show energy bar, WIFI bar or both. Select it from Control panel-today-TodayWarrior-options:
- It is possible to select the maximum bright level for the bright slider. This is useful for machines like Acer, HP4150 and others.
- “On also applies to Backlight” avoid turn off of the backlight when the “always on” (On) icon is pressed (green mode)
- “Slider modifies also AC Backlight” allows simultaneous change of Backlight bright for Battery and AC modes in PPC that have this option.
- Disable prism detection avoid the detection of the card as a Prism when it have drivers for NDIS 5.1
- “Disable WIFI On/Off Control” is useful for machinas that has yet their own WIFI On/Off button. If enabled (checked) on the Dell Aximn X50 takes the same function
- “Turn off at 5% battery” is an option to Turn Off the PDA when the battery lever goes down to 4% in order to protect the battery from running down.

Freeware Option: You can download and use the program freely. You cannot ask the author about the use of the program. Of course you can tell him about bugs you find, but this page is the only user manual and support you have. In it, are explained all the functionalities and options of TodayWarrior


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