Thursday, June 29, 2006

PocketGBA rel. 060526 - FREEWARE POCKETPC

PocketGBA is an emulator software that emulates Nintendo's hand-held game machine, GameBoy Advance on your PocketPC devices.

Compatible with:

* Device : PocketPC with ARM(or XScale) CPU / QVGA or VGA devices
* OS : PocketPC2002 / PocketPC2003 / WM2003SE / WM5
* Required 'fmodce.dll' for generating sound
* PocketGBA is coded with PocketPC2002 SDK, instruction set in ARM version4, fmodce.dll and gsGetFile.dll. It will work with PocketPC2002 or above OS version, if you can get .dll files for your OS version.

Some cartridges work with following options :
o Sound On/Off
o Cartridge masking On/Off
o Patch cart. On/Off
Try changing these options... if your cart. does't work.
Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu doesn't work if SOUND is ON.

PocketGBA converter, PocketGBACon

PocketGBACon converts VisualBoyAdvance(VBA)'s save file into PocketGBA's save file.
This program also convert PocketGBA's save file into VisualBoyAdvance(VBA)'s save file, but this converting is unstable.

* VBA -> PocketGBA
o Select VBA's save file(*.sgm)
o PocketGBACon converts selected file into PocketGBA's save file(*.sv0)
o Copy converted file to your PocketGBA 'SaveData' folder
o Notes that '*.sv0' is a save file of SLOT#1.
* PocketGBA -> VBA
o Select PocketGBA's save file(*.sv0)
o Select cartridge(ROM) file(*.gba)
o PocketGBACon converts selected file into VBA's save file( *1.sgm )
o Notes that this converting is unstable

* FREE software.
* Support for 32MB cartridge files.
* Support for .gba files.
* Sound emulation : Direct Sound A with DMA mode(noisy).
* Save/Load emulator state with 2 slots.
* Editable Virtual Game-pad.
* Redefinable hardware control buttons.
* Various drawing mode.

DONWLOAD PocketGBA (use gsGetFile.dll)
DONWLOAD PocketGBA (doeant use gsGetFile.dll)

DOWNLOAD PocketGBA converter

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